Sofrito // Night of the Dead

Halloween Sofrito style at the New Empowering Church. Selectors Hugo Mendez, Frankie Francis & The Mighty Crime Minister (Sofrito) Vs Miles Cleret (Soundway). With MC Kwasi on the mic. Listen to a recording of the night on Red Bull Music Academy Radio View photos of the party

Soundway Records Website

Design and build. The Soundway site is WordPress-driven, built so that all content is managed by the client through the WordPress admin. It has been constructed so that the label have complete control over all sections of the site. Features include a fully customisable front page, Catalogue management, podcast/radio section, gallery page, and events notice […]

Soundway // Tumbélé!

Art direction for this CD/double LP release of music from the French Caribbean in the Biguine, Bomba, Calypso, Gwo-ka, Meringue, Plena, Guaguanco and (of course) Tumbélé styles. Cover design using paper collage. Out now on Soundway Records.