Going Nowhere

Drawings on Public Transport

Transport drawings by Lewis Heriz

I’m in the process of uploading drawings of passengers on public transport, an ongoing habit that I developed back in 2008, when I realised I couldn’t read in any satisfactory way on the tube (and I can’t stand the free rags). I’ve named it ‘Going Nowhere’, after I realised that despite the nature of transport, those who are being transported are trapped – we have no choice but to stay where we are until we’ve arrived. It’s the way we behave when in this situation that interests me, alongside that strange network of boundaries between the private and the personal that fills the cramped carriage space. Everyone watches one another, yet pretends they don’t. Officially, everyone keeps themselves to themselves…

It amounts to a good three hundred drawings plus, so it’ll take a while. But I’m aiming to upload batches every day, so there should be someone new to look at each time you return.

In the unlikely event you happen to see yourself, get in touch (with evidence!) and I will send you a one-off, signed print of the drawing. I’ll be tough though. You’ll need a good case!

Head over to the Going Nowhere section to start thumbing through them all.