New Sofrito Super Single!

Third disco 12" in the series: Nigerian Acid Boogie with Benis Cletin's Jungle Magic

The third in Sofrito’s exclusive series of disco 12s is perhaps the most far-out so far – I needn’t expand more than this description from the Sofrito site:

Benis Cletin’s dog-rare 1979 effort “Jungle Magic” lays a warped synth over a lethal bassline and a slow afro disco groove, topping the whole thing off with a unique homage to Donna Summer… Originally released on Afrodisia records in 1979, the result sounds like the confused love-child of a time-travelling Derrick May and a Nigerian disco queen – timeless eccentricity…

That’s about the size of it…

Design-wise, this continues the time-honoured tradition of the disco bag – the design will not change bar some colour-swaps so long as the series goes on. Then, at least, when you see the bag you know exactly what you’re going to get: mind-bending dancefloor disco from the tropics.

Buy direct from Sofrito >here<