Strasbourg & Contre Temps festival

At time of writing, there’s one week left of the ‘Dust, Ink and Scratches’ exhibition in Strasbourg. I had a great five days setting the exhibition up, seeing the town and enjoying the Contre-Temps festival, and wanted to share a few photos of my stay.

Firstly, here are a few shots of Avila Factory and the various party posters and record covers exhibited.

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Here’s a quick tour of the space at the start of the opening night. I wanted to get some of the Bauhaus-style interior in at the beginning, hence the slightly drawn-out preamble:

The building that holds Avila Factory; originally built in 1941 to test jet engines for the Luftwaffe (it is now a listed building, a rare remaining example of French Nazi architecture), its utilitarian design has been compared to Bauhaus, and is extraordinary inside. Avila Factory is a salon as well as an exhibition space, sharing the building with a wide variety of different businesses. The salon gave rise to the idea of hanging my work using hair clips.

33 rue du Maréchal Lefebvre, Strasbourg

And a few snaps from around Strasbourg, including some from a great exhibition of street art shown in the building opposite Avila.

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I really look forward to returning again! Thanks to everyone who made it such an enjoyable visit.