The Film One // A Naga Zine

Eraserhead illustration

Naga Zine

This is the second in what already looks to be a classic series of zines put together by illustrator and vinyl fanatic Mat Pringle, AKA Mr Naga. Its pages (a hefty 56 altogether) are filled with fellow illustrators’ contributions, depicting their – or one of their – favourite films and writing a few words about what makes them so good. It’s a great idea in itself, but its high-calibre artists (including among them Stewart Easton, Jake Blanchard, Andy Votel, Lizzy Stewart, Paul Bommer and Martin Jones, to name a few) make it a real delight. Very proud to be part of it.

Buy the zine from Mat’s site here, and while you’re at it, why not get the first (The Music One, which includes another of mine) here.

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