AN EXPLANATION Mon 03 May 2010 23:02-23:18

This is the latest in a continuing collection of sketches of people I've seen on public transport. It was intended as little more than a speed-drawing exercise, but 4 years down the line, it's become quite a large archive. They all represent a moment in time - from 30 seconds to half an hour - where there was enough character and space for me to attempt to capture some resemblance, some spark of life. There is no aim beyond that.

But it also serves as a kind of diary, in that the faces I record act as a mnemonic for my activities around London and elsewhere. Journeys on public transport are so compressed when committed to memory, travelling this much within a large city it seems like huge sections of my life just disappear. Seeing these faces brings back where I was; what I was doing; what I was thinking.

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