Shift MS / video ident is ‘a web-based charity for young people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS)’. This short animation will be used to introduce each ‘magazine’ video article covering various subjects relating to MS.

Heritage Arts Company Website

After providing the artwork for their d├ębut production Where Soldiers Sleep last year, the Heritage Arts Company asked me to put together a website for them. For this I provided illustrations, Flash animations and hand-drawn type, alongside a fully WordPress-powered Content Management System to give them total control over the development of their site. From […]

Susan Chews ’em

While I was working as a waiter I used to turn my chef’s pads into flick-books. This one was the result of a particularly boring shift.

Fat Bird

Something’s going on up there.

Joke Light

Something’s going on back there. An exercise in repetition.


This was an unplanned animation, with each cel progressing to the next with no specific direction. I may add sound at some point. Apologies about the YouTube quality, I’ll sort that out eventually.