50Watts.com Polish Book Cover Contest

One of the very best sites for book illustration and design on the web, 50watts.com, ran a competition to design ‘the Polish edition of your favourite book’. Art, design and animation from Poland (and other Eastern European countries) has for a long time remained some of the most inspiring for me, so this was an irresistible challenge.

I had too many favourites to choose from, but A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole has to be firmly at the top, and whether to include the perpetually bombastic, furious and flatulent central character, Ignatius J. Reilly, on the cover is really a no-brainer. Many of my favourite Polish book covers use symbolism and abstraction, which this mock-up doesn’t, but equally the Polish designers often manage to portray the overall character of the book (with or without the inclusion of the characters that populate it) and it was this goal that I was aiming for.

I have a few more to show which I hope to get into a blog post soon. It’s been a great fun project to work on.

The overall quality of the submissions was extraordinary – you can see many of the entries here and the winning selection here. And if you’ve never looked at the site before, I urge you to put a good few hours aside to browse through. It’s an incredible archive.