A Bright Moon for Fools // Jasper Gibson

A Bright Moon for Fools is the debut novel by Jasper Gibson, a bilious comedy set in Venezuela in which the central figure (‘part Jim Royale, part Ignatius P. Reilly, part Oliver Reed’) embarks on a mission to escape ‘The Rot’ of modern life in the Western world and start afresh.

Quite apart from being an excellent read, this was a particularly enjoyable job as I was responsible for designing and illustrating more than just the front cover; the marbled endpapers in the hardback copy are more than meets the eye, the hand-scrawled typography spills out into the chapter headings, and Harry’s essence – perpetually dancing with yet evading death, rum-soaked, exhausted and terrified but somehow still stunned by the joys life can bring – illustrated on the reverse.

Read my process blog post here for more.

A paperback version is in the works as of April 2014 – stay tuned on that.

You can buy the hardback online here, and download the Kindle edition here.