Doing It In Lagos – Boogie, Pop & Disco in 1980s Nigeria

FRONT COVER: Art direction, illustration & custom typography. Printed on gloss card; CMYK with gold metallic Pantone.

’12 June 1979, Comiskey Park, Chicago. Disco Demolition Night. The spectacle of the public dynamiting of disco records by a howling stadium-ful of beer-chugging hard rock meatheads. The official end of the disco era. The consecration of “Disco Sucks” as a universal self-evident truth…

…While disco had been branded musica non grata after the Comiskey Park affair, black musicians, DJs and audiences were not so ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. So they took the core elements of the music and cleaned them up, rehabilitated, retooled and refurbished them, remaking them as something new yet still familiar–that tempo we now call “boogie”.’

(From the liner notes for Doing It In Lagos on Soundway Records, by Uchenna Ikonne)