Festival Contre-Temps

Contre-Temps is an annual city-wide music and art festival in Strasbourg, France. I exhibited at the Avila Factory during the 2011 festival – see this post – and was approached last year by the organisers to design the identity for 2013’s 10th anniversary festivities.

Drawing on the mid-20th Century art and design I love, this one had to be more digital and clean in feel, as the festival highlights innovations in electronic music. As well as designing the logotype, I was asked to provide illustrations to be used in the promotional literature. The main image (above) will adorn the posters and festival guide.

The graphics have been animated by the team for this teaser video:

Here is the full set of illustrations I provided for use throughout the festival:

You can follow the festival updates on the Contre-Temps Facebook page, and if you’re able, I’d really recommend going. Great line-up, and the town is a beautiful venue.

Festival Contre Temps 2013
6th – 16th June

(Thanks to Stefan and crew!)