Sofrito // Family Atlantica

Yet more Sofrito heat! Family Atlantica – led by the Venezuelan vocalist and cuatro player Luzmira Zerpa and Heliocentrics/Poets of Rhythm/Saravah Soul/Mulatu percussionist and flautist Jack Yglesias – include the extraordinary talents of Heliocentrics/Mulatu/DJ Shadow collaborator Adrian Owusu on guitar and Ghanaian percussion prodigy Kwame Owusu, and regularly collaborate with some of London’s finest Afro-Latin musicians. For this gig they will be playing raw Afro-Venezuelan folklore featuring the traditional drums Cumaco, Culo y puya and Quitipla.

Family Atlantica are all about the meeting of African and Latin American styles, while the amazing Double Club (designed by artist Carsten Höller) holds as its central concept the cross-pollination of Congolese and Western culture. With this in mind I thought it’d be appropriate to link the continents that bookend the Atlantic with a dancing figure. That’s about it really.

Read more about the gig at the Sofrito website.