Soundway // Ondatrópica

Ondatrópica is an all-star project coordinated by Will “Quantic” Holland and Mario Galeano of Frente Cumbiero. Although – with its staunchly analogue aesthetic and the use of original equipment in the legendary Discos Fuentes studio in Medellín – the record seeks to bring the traditional Cumbia, Porro and Bomba music of Colombia to the fore again, it’s most importantly a collaboration between those producing new music related to Colombian sounds with the country’s leading musicians of the old school. With this design we tried to create something reflecting this fusion of the old and the new.

Read the announcement on the Soundway site, and make sure you catch them on tour in the summer.

This will be available as a single CD, double LP and deluxe 2xCD hardback book.

As part of this project I also produced an alternative illustration for the band’s Los Irreales promo mixtape:

Listen here:

More profile videos can be viewed on Frente Cumbiero’s Vimeo here.

Here’s legendary acordion player Anibal Valasquez – skip to 0.50 for a short rendition…